Why choose a DMCC Approved Auditor?

dmcc approved auditors

dmcc approved auditors

What is DMCC?

A businessperson well-understands the importance of a trade-friendly ecosystem and business-favouring conditions, including infrastructural setup, for their business to make the most of it and thrive ahead. And to implement these factors in order to attract and nurture different kinds and scales of businesses, the Dubai government commenced the concept of Free Zones wherein an array of perks like cheap labour, access to raw materials, appropriate locations, certain tax benefits and exemptions were offered.

DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) is one such Free Zone that enables organisations to leverage the business-centric conditions and propel a profitable and advantageous business.

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Why go ahead with DMCC Approved Auditors?

Well, when it comes to choosing the auditors for your company based in the free zone, you must comply with the rule that directs only a DMCC approved auditor to carry out your company’s financial audit.

The DMCC approved auditor would be well-acquainted with all the necessary things to be taken care of – like the audit report of the company must be according to Section 11 of the regulations of the company set by the DMCC Management. Also, the approved auditor will make sure that the report has been signed and stamped by the company’s board of directors.

What are an auditor’s roles and responsibilities?

Firstly, the auditor will ascertain that there are no inconsistencies, misstatements, or incorrect financial data presented in the company’s annual financial accounts. The auditor will also ensure that the reports are prepared as per the directions and standards set by the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard).

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