In building strong and lasting relationships with our clients, we depend on our people, and we are committed to their development. Our work culture is a reflection of our vision and commitment towards our clients.


TRC PAMCO believes that the only way to engage and retain our highly talented staff is to keep them challenged and interested through the work they are doing. Avenues for this include- training, in-house seminars job rotations, job enrichment and Multi-tasking. For overall development of our team we ensure balanced staffing allocations and a mix of assignments.


An organization is known by its people. Needless to say, that the growth of the organization reflects the spirit of the individuals who through their commitment and hard work ensure the firm’s competitive sustainability, and constantly rise to meet business challenges. TRC PAMCO understands this and hence gives training and development paramount importance.

We have created well defined and transparent career paths for our aspiring professionals. We invest in our people by imparting continuous training on methodology, deliverables, and soft tools while providing access to knowledge of our international associates. With active career management support to our people, we ensure that they are building skills which are important for their personal career advancement. TRC PAMCO believes in recognizing and rewarding performance.

If you are interested in knowing more about the positions open at TRC PAMCO , you can email us at trc@https://www.https://https://www.trcpamco.com///

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