VAT Registration / De Registration and Amendment

Value Added Tax or VAT is a tax levied on the use or consumption of products and services at each point sale. A business must be required to register for VAT if its annual revenue is exceeded than Dh 375,000 in UAE. Further, UAE VAT law comes up with unique provisions of VAT de-registration, which require the business to get de-register mandatory in case such business not meeting certain criteria.

The process of tax registration/De-registration and amendment in UAE comes with its own set of hassles. During the process of VAT registration, various documents and details need to be filled in. Arranging the information accurately requires great knowledge and persistence. That is where our tax registration service comes in handy. Further, The FTA demands various clarification and declaration for de-registration of a company. Any non-compliance or delay may lead to hefty penalty under UAE VAT Law.

We are at the forefront of UAE VAT since its inception and have handled tens of thousands of clients successfully. We have noted that FTA seeks explanations or clarifications on the details submitted which can be overwhelming for inexperienced minds. We will ensure that all the queries from FTA are answered within the stipulated time.

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