Forensic Audit – Everything You Need to Know

Forensic Audit services in Dubai

A forensic audit is the examination and evaluation of a firm’s or an individual’s financial information to be used as evidence in a court of law. The main objective of a forensic audit is to assess financial transactions, accounting irregularities, and regulatory and compliance issues on behalf of the public and closely held companies, private equity firms, government agencies, municipalities, and more.

Why is a Forensic Audit required?

It helps expose, or confirm the various kinds of illegal activities, and gives a clear picture in the court of law. If there is something fishy going on within a business, instead of a normal audit – a forensic audit is called upon, to produce the evidence in the court of law.

What do Forensic Auditors do?

There are various auditors, who have an experienced team of forensic auditors to examine data and find the sources of missing information. Given their role in financial security and safety, the role of a forensic auditor is very crucial. They analyze, interpret, and summarize complex business and financial issues.

What are the benefits of Forensic Auditing?

  • Avoid legal problems: A forensic audit helps you identify problems right at the tip of the bud, thus saving you costly legal affairs at a later point. A forensic audit opens your eyes to fraudulent activities right at the beginning.


  • Minimal losses: Top Auditors conduct forensic accounting procedures to minimize and prevent unnecessary losses. They identify financial discrepancies and fraudulent activity right at the start, thus helping you mitigate risks in the business.


  • Reduced Exploitation: If you have a forensic audit team in your organization, there are no real gaps in your financial operational standards, thus leaving little to exploit.


  • Greater efficiency: By examining and investigating your current financial processes, you can continuously adapt to more effective solutions, thus benefiting the business in the long run.

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