Along with developments in various fields such as biotechnology, horticulture, healthcare and many others, Dubai Free Zones are now also an eminent part of the Media sector. Dubai has been offering several talents and several media productions that stay in competition to other productions from other parts of the world in Dubai Studio City.

In an area of about 22 million square feet, Dubai Studio City Free Zone is a combination of modern infrastructure and development environment of the media business that includes movie, television, music and others.

Infrastructure and facilities in Dubai Studio City

The 22 million square ft area of Dubai Studio City Free Zone is featured with some pre-built studios, stage areas, back lots, sound stages, office spaces, warehouses and workshops in the Free Zones areas of Dubai Studio City

They also have the latest facilities of satellite communication. Not only from the Middle East but media and production companies from various parts of the world are welcomed to be a part of Dubai Studio City Free Zone. Companies rendering business in entertainment, music, broadcast and production can be a part of Dubai Studio City Free Zone.

The partner companies who are getting Free Zone Registration for Dubai Studio City are entitled to several benefits.

These companies are entitled to get full support from the Dubai government in various services such as

  • venue management,
  • networking opportunities
  • industry building.

Apart from all such benefits, the companies planning to be a part of Dubai Studio City Free Zone also get adequate support and guidance from the Authority in their registration and licensing processes. Also, they get guidance and help in other areas such as immigration and other methods.

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