External Audit and its types

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External Audit is the examination or inspection of various books of accounts by an auditor followed by physical checking of inventory to make sure that all departments are following documented system of recording transactions.

The purpose of an audit is to form a view on whether the information presented in the financial report, taken as a whole, reflects the financial position of the organization at a given date. There are various types of external audits, each conducted to provide assurance to the investors, detect any errors and frauds, check accounting policies and verify accounts and statements.

The different types of External Audit include:

Financial Audit: A financial audit is an opinion engagement – performed independently by an audit professional – who is acting with due diligence, working in line with the professional standards, and preparing an audit report for the consumption of investors and management, to aid in decision-making, leading to business growth.

Compliance Audit: A compliance audit is one conducted in many large-scale enterprises for data privacy and critical infrastructure protection. A compliance audit ensures that the established rules and procedures are followed to ensure the above.

Operational Audit: An operational audit is nothing but a thorough check on the processes being followed within an organization. The objective for this is clear – where can there be process improvements to minimize risk and maximize growth within the company? Through an operational audit, an audit develops recommendations for improvement, thereby simplifying methods being followed. Simultaneously, auditing services in DAFZA also include statutory audits, which are performed keeping in mind the requirements of the free zone.

The goal for all external audits is simple – to ensure that every organization adheres to managerial procedures and requirements, and to provide an opinion on the organization’s financial statements.

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5 Best Practices for Effective Internal Audit

Internal Audit – a must for every organization for various reasons. An internal financial audit gives you an overview as to where your organization stands in terms of quality and compliance, and it also proves to be an investigative exercise to understand the scope of opportunities within the organization. An Internal Audit helps the management to steer the organization most swiftly towards its goals. To ensure effective financial audit services, below are some of the best practices that every organization can follow:

  • Communication is key. Communicate your requirements to your auditor before commencing the audit to pave the way for a smooth audit. Through communication – you can understand the best model which needs to be used for your audit.
  • To ensure a cost-effective audit – focus on the factors that directly impact the internal audit process. This will help you save time and money, as you would have streamlined the entire audit process. Once the scope is reduced, the auditors can focus on the problem areas to give you effective results.
  • A risk management strategy is a must, and this must be applied across workflows. This will help identify the core problem areas and improve the scope of an internal audit. Once the most susceptible assets are identified – and a strategy to better them can be formed and addressed effectively.
  • An auditor must maintain independence through the audit, to be objective around their findings. It’s not about facts or faults when you opt for an internal financial audit – but its about verifying compliance.
  • To ensure an effective and efficient audit, timelines should be maintained. By allocating proper time to each task of the audit process – the desired timeline can be met, keeping the auditor and his stakeholders in sync with the entire process.

Being a key component for every management system, an Internal Audit gives an overview of the processes within their system and their effectiveness – adding value to any organization. If you’re looking for financial audit services in the UAE, reach out to TRC Pamco, a firm with over 17 years of experience in conducting independent audits.

Role of Accounting & Auditing in Business Planning & Decision Making

Accounting & Auditing

Data, Records, Reports, and Analytics of your assets and liabilities or debts are key factors for any business – and to derive this data – accounting and auditing is a core function of any organization. It is through the process of accounting that companies record and report the intricate pieces of financial data – which allows the management as well as investors to understand the financial health of their business and make informed decisions.

Similarly, an audit is important to assess the economic and transactional activities of an organization. An audit is an independent view of the financial statements, thereby increasing user confidence in the financial statements, and reducing the risk element within an organization. It also ensures your organization is following the rules and regulations.

What are the benefits of accounting & auditing? Read on to find out!

  • You get access to detailed statistical information about the company, leading to greater transparency within the management and investors, increasing confidence and efficiency.
  • It helps align the resources within your organization, and their time is managed properly, it leads to a more profitable company
  • When you accumulate the financial information following the accounting standards – it ensures you can perform auditing, taxation, and more.
  • Accounting includes the ascertainment of interpretation and analysis of accounts and statements, an accounting system, and formulation of financial principles and helps the management conduct financial planning effectively.

It is this information that the investors and analysts use to make important decisions around the valuation and creditworthiness of an organization, without this, they would have a lesser understanding of historical data, current data, and future projections. There are various Chartered Accountant firms in UAE that provide accounting and auditing services and can take your worries away!
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Auditing – Trends & Challenges in 2022

With a global pandemic upon us, organizations were faced with unprecedented uncertainty, and with a need to inculcate a rapid pace of change. While organizations were seeing this change – auditors were learning and implementing the changes to ensure efficient growth of the organization.

Let’s go through some of the trends and challenges that the audit firms in UAE might witness in 2022:

  • Audit Strategies will have to be changed, to ensure they seem relevant and useful. In the last 2 years, it was all about building resilience within the organizations. In 2022, it will be all about ensuring visible impact in the audit services – by taking on a dynamic approach to auditing – the focus will be on bringing short and collaborative resolutions. Therefore, internal audit firms in Dubai will look at building audit strategies that show the impact of audit and the value it can provide to any organization.


  • The focus in 2022 will be more on ensuring compliance with regulations and procedures. While auditors will investigate the past and reflect on the present – it will be more about out-of-the-box thinking, with emphasis on the future, and implementing the changes and approaches in business.


  • As newer risks emerge, 2022 will be all about efficiently managing the rapid and dramatic changes in the business lifecycle. Internal Audit Firms in Dubai will have to plan and account for unaccounted risks, and the way to manage these risks, that are going to arrive through the year.


  • Risk Management Frameworks to outline the risks, scope, criteria will have to be managed. Characterizing risk standards & models going ahead will require a more engaged and cooperative methodology. In the previous year, associations have connected with general medical care trained professionals and doctors to obviously comprehend wellbeing chances. The pandemic uncovered a few regions wherein associations need better cooperation, for example, understanding supply chains, strategic relations, and, as a rule, the effect of efficient failures of various enterprises, just as accessing various specialists in a wide scope of industries.

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How to Select a Reliable Bookkeeping & Accounting Partner for your Business in Dubai?

Accounting and bookkeeping are at the core of any business, and having the right partners is very essential to the growth of your business. But first, let us understand our outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting and benefit your business.

Outsourcing the right bookkeeping services in UAE helps you avoid the payroll and visa costs for an in-house employee. You get access to valuable expertise, and a team that continues working even if a single employee decides to leave. Additionally, it also saves on the training and management overheads.

Once we have understood the benefits, how do you know a partner is right? Read on!

  • Team and Expertise

First and foremost, research a little about the team, their strengths. Given the transition of the economy into new tax structures and changes, it is best to have a firm that is hands on and has the right people in their team.

  • Availability and Support

Sync the audit team with your work structure. Do they fit in? Are they available when you need them? You must have a team that is in sync with your business, helping it grow. This will enable quick decision making, and your business can look out for better growth opportunities.

  • Amount & Structure of Fees

Most firms have different fee structures, and this must be confirmed right at the start. Given the volume of work, you must assess your accounting needs before finalizing your outsourced accounting partners.

  • Goals

Are the firm’s goals aligned to yours? Accounting firms should be able to help you set business goals, and then show you the path required to leverage on the business profits. This is especially important in a dynamic environment.

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