Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) is a Free Zone in Dubai which focuses on educational organizations with a range of companies and services from consultants to universities and training institutes.

DKP was launched in September 2003 and has grown rapidly since then – you’ll know all about it when trying to find a car park in the steaming mid-summer sun. Established in 2003 as part of TECOM Group, Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) aims to develop the region’s talent pool and establish the UAE as a knowledge-based economy.

DKP is a unique hub that offers the best selection of programs in Human Resource Management (HRM), Consultancy, Training and Personal Development. Students receive diplomas and certificates of the highest caliber from DKP’s top-class Business Partners.

There are universities from several countries with a branch in DKP, including

  • Australia,
  • Belgium,
  • Canada,
  • India,
  • Iran,
  • Ireland,
  • Pakistan,
  • Russia,
  • UK

providing educational facilities for students from all nationalities. Some of the students even find it a worthwhile learning experience. Or something.

Dubai Academic City will be the place for schools, universities and colleges while Dubai Knowledge Village will be more focused on training institutes and academic support services.

The world’s only free zone dedicated to Human Resource Management and learning excellence.

With the provision of quality training institutes and recruitment consultancy firms, DKP is helping to meet the needs of business by offering required training and skills development programs to professionals and by providing a home of recruiters who will then match these new skills with employers.

Permitted activity:

  • Computer Training
  • Language Training
  • Fine Arts Training
  • Tutoring Services
  • Technical & Occupational Skills
  • Professional & Management Development Training
  • Child Skills Development Training
  • Human Resources Consultancy
  • Exe. Search Research & Development
  • Content Development
  • Assessment & Testing
  • Freelancers and Association (Non-Profit Organizations).
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